Hume Blocks

Hume Anglican Grammar was recently announced as champions of the 2021 Galway Debating Competition – held at Sacred Heart College.

Students in Years 7-11 would participate in this annual event, spending many hours throughout Term 2 (both during lunchtime and at home) forming arguments and rebuttals for various debates in preparation for the competition.

Participation levels were high, having entered into all three divisions of competition. Students in Years 7-8 would take part in the Junior category, Years 9-10 in the Intermediate category and Year 11 students in the Senior category. 

Debates for all three divisions consisted of both prepared topics, which were organised at school before the event, and 'Surprise Topics’, which were provided to teams only an hour before the competition. Surprise topics planning on the day of the event and work to challenge a team’s ability to improvise based on the issues placed infront of them. In 2021, issues ranged from questions about the internet to opinions on voting rights and everything in between.

Hume Anglican Grammar would go on to be named outright winners in the Junior and Senior division, and joint winners in the Intermediate bracket with students awarded certificates for their achievement.

Debating is offered to students in Years 7 to 11 as part of the School’s Co-curricular Program and is a great way to promote confidence for students. It encourages logical and critical thinking, social awareness and an interest in current affairs whilst also providing opportunities for teamwork and peer support.

Congratulations to all who participated. 

Debating Shield
Muskaan and Omar (Year 11) hold the 2021 Galway Debating Shield with Ms Kendall.