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Our School, in conjunction with Sunbury Coaches, operates extensive bus routes across the north of Melbourne. Below you can find all the required information in relation to our private bus service including timetables, route maps and application forms to enrol for this service.

If you would like to apply for a seat on one of our buses, please contact Michelle Nickson, our Bus Co-ordinator, via email at

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Please click on the links below to download the 2022 Private Bus Timetable and Direct Debit Form.

Timetable and Pricing - Private Bus Service 2022
Direct Debit Request Form - Bus Service  2022
Conditions of Travel

Please click on the links below to see a map of where all four routes run across Beveridge, Craigieburn, Doreen, Thomastown, Epping, Greenvale, Kilmore, Mernda, Roxburgh Park, Sunbury, Wallan and Wollert. You can then fill in the form below to request a booking for the service you require for your child(ren) for 2021.
Private Bus Routes

Bus 1 - Mt Ridley Northern Service (AM / PM)

Bus 2 - Mt Ridley Eastern Service (AM / PM)

Bus 3 - Mt Ridley Southern Service (AM / PM)

Bus 4 - Mt Ridley Western Service (AM / PM)

Bus 5 - Donnybrook Eastern Service (AM / PM)

Bus 6 - Donnybrook Southern Service (AM / PM)

Bus 7 - Donnybrook Western Service (AM / PM)

Please Note: With the exception of Bus 1, students are only permitted to register on routes which service the Campus they are currently enrolled into.

Find Your Nearest Bus Stop Service Here

Bus/Student Tracking with RollCall:

Hume Anglican Grammar has implemented the RollCall System into its Private Bus Service to allow many new technological enhancements. The system will provide the School with real time information on student movements on and off the bus network and live route tracking just to mention a couple of benefits. In the near future these capabilities will be extended to the parents of the students on these buses via a Parent App which will allow parents to receive live alerts when their children get on and off the bus. In addition to increase flexibility to parents, RollCall will allow the School to introduce a casual traveller option.
Please refer to the following videos on how to setup and use the RollCall System:

Parents -

Students -

Roll Call Logo

Request a Booking:

To place a booking for our 2022 Bus Service please CLICK HERE.