Hume Anglican Grammar is proud to launch our school’s new partnership with ‘SchoolTV’ – an engaging, interactive wellbeing platform to support modern-day parenting.

‘Student wellbeing at the core’ — is the message that echoes throughout Hume Anglican Grammar. This, our fundamental belief, is that young people who are genuinely happy will engage, aspire and thrive within our learning community. Our school values the effort that families put into their children, and would like to assist by providing a streamlined resource for parents to access important wellbeing related information on topics that influence children of all ages.

We are proud therefore, to launch our school’s new partnership with ‘SchoolTV’ – an engaging, interactive wellbeing platform, which can be found under the ‘Student Wellbeing’ menu on our school’s website, or alternatively via:

We know that being healthy and balanced has many benefits, including improving learning and setting young people up for more productive and successful futures. However, it’s never been more challenging for parents to raise happy, healthy and resilient children. Whilst there is a great deal of information available, it can often be confusing and overwhelming for parents looking for guidance. 

SchoolTV curates relevant, fact-based content from leading specialists and organisations into a single, easy to understand source of facts and strategies – like a one-stop shop on a single topic! 

Content is based around current topics influencing our children and is delivered via a series of short videos presented by leading youth health specialist, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg. 

Some of the topics include: • Youth Anxiety • Depression • Digital Reputation • Screen Addiction • Drug and Alcohol use • Cyberbullying • Social Networking • Self-harm and Suicide • Resilience • School Transitions • Positive Parenting • Friendship and Belonging • Exam Jitters • Blended Families • Body Image • Grief and Loss

There is also an ever growing archive of special editions already available. Each special edition includes a video Q&A from leading specialists, fact sheets, articles and a host of other resources including recommended apps, books, websites and additional videos. Examples include: • Starting Year 7 • A Conversation on Consent • Vaping • Parenting Styles • Having the Alcohol Discussion • Eco-Anxiety • Talking About Bushfires • Surviving the Final Year • Cyberbullying • Fortnite • Year 12 Exam Stress

You can access the platform by CLICKING HERE