Hume Blocks

Students from Hume Anglican Grammar have been crowned winners of the 2021 'Illuminate:NextGen Challenge' - a competition entered as part of their participation in our school's SHINE Program.

The illuminate:nextgen Challenge is the flagship program of illuminate Education Australia, providing high school students with an authentic entrepreneurial environment for them to activate the confidence, creativity and capability to reach their full potential through solving problems in their community. (Source:

As part of the competition, students were required to rethink employment throughout the visitor economy within the greater Hume community. They were tasked with creating a way to engage, skill and retain great people to work and thrive within this industry - developing a solution that is financially viable, sustainable, and can work within the industry to help it grow a strong, passionate, and reliable workforce.

In reflecting on the experience, Year 10 student Saatvik recalls, “Our team worked so well together and through a great deal if collaboration, we were able to come up with a compelling solution to the task - a platform which helped connect people seeking job opportunities whilst providing incentives to work within Hume’s visitor economy. The network allows potential employees to access discounts at local businesses enrolled in the platform as well as opportunities to upskill through partnerships with local Tertiary providers.”

Students were awarded a $300 cash prize and will now present their idea to the Mayor of Hume along with local business leaders with a view to turning their idea into reality.

Participation in the challenge was offered as part of Hume Anglican Grammar’s SHINE Program which seeks to support gifted and talented students, by understanding them as learners and strategically developing their gifts into talented outcomes. These opportunities work to enhance our students’ learning experience and prepare them for future academic success - the impact of which is noted not only by teachers and students, but by parents aswell. 

“Jude has come home each day absolutely 'invigorated', full of enthusiasm and embracing everything that he has learnt along the way. As his parents, we've just loved seeing him like this all week.” Liz (Mother of Jude, Year 7)

“This has been a wonderful experience and has really given Zoe an opportunity to build confidence, new skills, and create bonds with other students.” Mary and Nick (Parents of Zoe, Year 8) 

Congratulations Zoe, Arnav, Sineth, Mithhil, Jude and Saatvik on their outstanding achievement. You can check out our teams’ winning below.